Monday, March 20, 2017


I realized that I haven't posted on this blog for a very looooong time. I guess this is just here to memorialized some thoughts, trivial or not that happen to cross my mind from time to time. So much has happend since the last time I made a post. Right back then, it was just Jelly Bean that is available on Android. Apple got their iPone 4S and iPad 3 and it has been a fierce competition to being the best mobile device producers. From small players to giant tech companies.

Five years later, I'm still here, on the sideline while I bear witness on how things come by. From being an "office worker" in Makati, to a consultant in a big financial company in District of Columbia. Several winters, springs, summers and falls. And also witnessed Brexit and Trump events, which I think will be remembered for a long time, be it for being the best, or the worst, depending on which side of "the wall" you are in.

We'll here's my few five cents. Until then.

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